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Let's Help to Change a Life of a Future

Regal African Charity is a non-governmental organization that strives to give back to the community, preserving wildlife and conserving the environment as a goodwill gesture of reciprocating the fruits of mother nature through facilitating the socio-economic, health, and situational development of communities in Tanzania and beyond.

Regal African Charity works closely with Regal African Safaris to touch the lives of the vulnerable people in society. RAC’s main areas of work are social, economic and political empowerment, particularly in policy advocacy, community mobilization, awareness and sensitization on education, entrepreneurship training programs and most importantly putting the key interests, basic needs and education of the girl child at the forefront. Our Charity addresses critical issues that inhibit the completion of primary/secondary education for young Tanzanian girls and empower marginalized women in a poverty cycle.

As a long-term response to reduce extreme poverty and protecting the girl child including the vulnerable people in the society, RAC works further to protect Tanzania’s girls from harmful traditional and cultural mal-practices like forced child marriages and female genital mutilation which expose them to abuse and denial of continuous education. For teen mothers and marginalized women, RAC offers support and entrepreneurship training as well as general life skills and social education which gives women means to survive and eventually improve their living standards. Improving women’s well-being contributes to a cycle of better health and entrepreneurship education outcomes, more stable societies, and more sustainable development.

RAC is committed to creating awareness and empowering women and young girls through education since it is essential for them to fulfill their capabilities and for their families and societies to realize their full potentials. All this is made possible through well-wishers and Regal African Safaris initiatives of giving back to the community.

What we do

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For every safari with Regal African Safaris, a certain percentage goes back to local communities, wildlife and nature conservation efforts as a way of thanking mother nature and inspiring people to value the environment. We can also organize volunteer programs and voluntourism safari tours in Tanzania

Girl Child Education

In the African society, the girl child is the most vulnerable. Facing many barriers and obstacles infront of her journey to fully pursue education is a major challenge with hinderances like forced early child marriages, child labor, early pregnancy and difficulty in accessing sanitary pads. We want to turn this around through RAC


With the aim of making the world a better place for the less fortunate and orphans, we have created an initiative of helping out various orphanages and children centres by providing the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and other materials like mosquito nets and sponsoring their education

Community Development

We have many programs running that help the society at large. We fight many obstacles together with the vulnerable and less fortunate because we believe every one is entitled to their fundamental rights, a right to access basic needs and education