Mission & Vision

Regal African Charity aims to ensure that every girl child gets quality education as required by right and to improve women’s socio-political and economic status and the positions of vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls in society through creating awareness, training, sensitization and policy changes that can be made to combat ignorance, poverty, and diseases.

Our mission for wildlife and nature conservation is to make it all possible through research, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature. We strive to ensure nature and wildlife can be conserved and preserved for future generations.

Regal African Charity looks forward to a society where women and girls are socially and politically liberated. This freedom and independence will help in attaining economic empowerment leading to sustainable and self-sufficient lives.

We envision a world where wildlife thrives in healthy habitats far away from the dangers of illegal poachers, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth.

Our Core Values

Our very able and united team is guided by strict core values that direct the way the members, board, staff and partners relate and operate. These fundamental values include:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Unity
  • Equality
  • Spirit of voluntarism and volunteerism
  • Teamwork
  • Conscientiousness


  • To promote girls’ rights with in accordance with girls’ care and provide them with better education and provide forums for discussing the girls’ dreams and ambitions in their life and how to make them work in the future.
  • To impart knowledge on reproductive health education among primary and secondary school girls and its consequences involved in early sex and unsafe sex.
  • To facilitate the change of attitude among the community members concerning stereotypes in girls’ education.
  • Designing concrete, evidence-based plans for program designers, donors and policymakers that empower women to control their lives and help shape the future of their communities; measuring changes in the lives of women and girls to know how best to achieve gender equality.
  • Recommending policy priorities that give women opportunities to transform their lives.
  • Strive to increase women’s ownership, use and control of assets and property, to empower women as economic agents and better their ability to access markets on competitive and equitable terms.
  • The conservation of endangered species and preservation of the flora and fauna while ensuring a positive impact on millions of people globally.
  • To create a lasting resolution of human and wildlife conflict in parks and game reserves.
  • To immensely minimize the dangers of poaching and eradicate illegal trade of wildlife trophies globally.