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Changing the lives of the less fortunate through our safaris and well wishers.

What We Do

Most of our programs are focussed at helping the girl child in  Tanzania as a whole. The rest of the programs are aimed at providing long-term solutions to alleviate poverty, wildlife/environment conservation, stop human/wildlife conflicts, prevent social injustice and end illiteracy. Regal African Charity aims to achieve the afore-mentioned solutions through the following initiatives

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Supporting Orphanages and Orphans

Due to poverty and the rampant spread of the HIV/AIDS virus in Tanzania, thousands of children become orphans each year. Some of the children are also rescued from domestic violence, forced marriages, child labor, and Female Genital Mutilation attempts. With very little help from the government, many children are left homeless, and they only have orphanages to turn to. The orphanages are doing their best to educate, clothe, house and feed the children, but they are also underfunded, understaffed and lack enough manpower to properly care for the orphans. Regal African Charity partners up with the orphanages to lessen their burden and help them reach out to more children. By volunteering, you’ll be helping these orphanages to provide more care and attention to the children. Help create a safe haven for the orphaned children of Tanzania, and while you’re here, visit the exquisitely diverse array of fauna and the majesty of Tanzania, the land of the Serengeti and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro!

Promoting  Girls’ Education

Regal African Charity (RAC) sensitizes the community about the consequences of harmful cultural practices affecting girl child’s education. Girls escaping female genital mutilation have greater barriers to receiving essential services, particularly education. RAC strives to collaborate with the local government and applicable government authorities, to help ensure girls are protected and to create partnerships with community leaders, educators, and individual supporters to increase the support available to girls.

RAC puts in more effort in creating awareness on the dangers of the malpractices and their harmful consequences to help shift tolerance and attitudes against them. RAC develops holistic programs of training to provide economic opportunities for women who perform the practice, to create alternative livelihood options and incentives, which can help in the process of abandoning the practice.

 Women’s Economic Empowerment

As the saying goes, “Educate a woman and you educate the community,” RAC supports programs focused on providing women access to education and training, health facilities, economic and social development, and other resources/opportunities/assets to help them achieve equity, sustainability, and security. Ensuring that women have and can take advantage of full and fair opportunities to earn a living fundamental to social and economic development. The RAC programs seek to complement our existing portfolio by supporting a focused agenda on women’s economic empowerment through:

  • Entrepreneurship Training

We support women’s entrepreneurship through training in production skills and techniques. In the entrepreneurship training, the women’s groups are taught how to make certain artworks, artifacts, souvenirs and products, such as local soap, local jewelry and African patterned ‘Batik’ materials.

  • Girls’ Education Program

RAC focusses on the development of education for girls in both urban and rural districts. The struggle against ignorance of girls who have no resources for education is a challenge. Our support is not limited to primary and secondary schools only but also on young women who never got the chance to get into formal institutions or an opportunity to complete their formal education. We inspire them to reach their full potential by addressing their basic needs through funding, partnerships and resources for education and vocational training.

  • Girls’ Future Initiatives

RAC works with girls on “in-school” and “out-of-school” tracks. For girls who are engaged in the formal system, the focus will be on supporting them in as many ways as possible to be successful in school, attain a high school performance, and make the successful transition to post-secondary education. For girls who are out of school, the focus will be on connecting them back to school or connecting them with adult education. These programs provide high school equivalency and basic literacy instruction to out-of-school girls.

Nature & Wildlife Conservation

Saving nature, preserving wildlife and conservation of the environment is at the very heart of what we do at Regal African Charity. Through thick and thin, we have made it our mission to find solutions that save the most vulnerable and endangered species in Tanzania by applying the best awareness efforts available and working closely with local communities as well as conservation agencies.

But our work is far from done. Human – wildlife conflict cases have risen in recent times. Some wildlife like the elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, lions, pangolins, giraffes et cetera, has seen their populations dwindle while others have been forced into near or total extinction.

The good news is we have also seen what is working. RAC believes in the philosophy of “Parks for the People”. With us we value the roles of community conservation awareness as one critical step towards sustainable wildlife conservation. Once the communities surrounding our protected areas really feel the benefits of the existence of these areas to them then such areas will be safer. Thanks to the initiatives that work hand in hand with the communities and this in turn, helps to protect rich and varied ecosystems while ensuring people continue to benefit from nature. It is therefore our utmost intention and efforts to support those programs including research projects that aim at reducing human – wildlife conflicts through outreach programs that will make it easier to establish the essence of such conflicts and the concurrent mitigation measures. We also believe in proactive approaches as a way towards reaching this goal.  We are inclined to disseminate conservation education to the rest of the world, at the same time contributing directly to the precious work of researchers and wildlife managers to help restore our wildlife. Everybody has a part to play, and with concerted efforts, this is truly achievable. We recognize the value and power of “YOU” –and the sayings go:  “If you think one person can’t make a difference, try to sleep with a mosquito in the room” and “A single bee can be ignored, but when millions come together, even the bravest run in fear!” Let us all raise our voices for the wild and we will definitely avoid digging our own grave.